WS 2019/2020

  • Digitale Transformation, Kommunikation & Integration (M)
  • Social Media Marketing (M)
  • Seminar für Abschlussarbeiten (B, M)

SS 2019

  • Digital Marketing & Sales (M, Seminar)
  • Social Media Marketing (M, Vorlesung)
  • Absatz (B, Vorlesung)
  • Seminar für Abschlussarbeiten (B, M)

Vergangene Lehrveranstaltungen

  • Digital Marketing & Innovation as Success Factors of the Digital Transformation
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Recent Developments in Digital Market Research (M, Seminar)
  • Social Media Marketing (M, Vorlesung)
  • Digital Marketing & Online Business Models (M, Vorlesung)
  • Absatz (B, V)
  • Digital Marketing & Sales (M, S)
  • Digital Marketing (M, S)
  • Research on Trend (B, S)
  • Business Informatics (B) (6 courses)
  • New Products – From Ideas to Markets (M)
  • Social Networks and Mobile Markets (M, S)
  • Electronic Markets (M)
  • Consumer Behavior in Electronic Commerce and Digital Markets (B, S)
  • Electronic Commerce (B)
  • Electronic Commerce and Social Networks (B, S)
  • Product and Innovation Management (M)
  • Market Research 1 (B, Corvinus‐Universität Budapest)
  • Social Networks (M, S)
  • Case Studies in Marketing (B, S)
  • Marketing Management / Markstrat (B, S)
  • Introduction Marketing
  • Marketing (B, State University of Management Moskau)
  • Masters Seminar (M)
  • Market Research (M)
  • Social Network Analysis in Marketing and Innovation Management (M, S)
  • Introduction Marketing (B)
  • Product and Innovation Management (M)
  • International Marketing (B)